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 “Bioenergetics is for EVERYBODY and we aim to help with conditions whether they are simple or serious. Crossgates is here to help YOU”




Crossgates is a small, friendly business offering natural health solutions and support to families, friends and animals large and small. We originally started at Crossgates Farm, Bank Newton and have been providing natural health solutions direct and mail order since 1998 formerly based in Settle, North Yorkshire. Crossgates re-located to The Barn, North Street, Gargrave, BD23 3RN in April 2014. The new all-purpose building incorporates a Health and Wellbeing Centre for Humans, Beauty Salon, Hair Studio and Gift & Retail Shop.

Julie Dodgson, founder and managing director of Crossgates, qualified as a homeopath at ‘The Lakeland College of Homeopathy’ in 2009. Anyone who knows Julie will give testament to her professional, friendly and holistic approach. She believes the importance of working with the body, soul and mind and is dedicated to helping people stay healthy by teaching them to be responsible for their own health. Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd is able to offer help with many issues both physical and psychological. We have enjoyed successes with numerous complex cases with many of our clients using our services regularly to maintain their health.


What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a very popular system of holistic energy medicine, which has evolved from homeopathy. Traditionally, clinicians working with classical homeopathy chose the remedy according to the symptoms of the patient. Now with Bioenergetics, the machine uses electromagnetic frequencies to produce a remedy that may contain flower essences, homeopathics and many other remedies. Crossgates is able to copy homeopathic patterns electronically by imprinting the substance onto water or pendant. Bioresonance restores, balances and resonates information to activate the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.


Healing with Bioresonance

When you feel stressed and under pressure whether it be physical, emotional or environmental your body’s immune system can start to weaken. Your body’s cells become weak, confused, misinformed and often don’t function like they should.

Bioresonance helps to reactive the immune system by sending information to the cells to enable them to heal at the source of the problem.

“Treat the cause and not the symptom”

What makes Bioenergetics effective?

Bioenergetics is gentle, effective, pain free and non invasive. Bioresonance addresses the ‘information/frequency’ of health i.e. the name of your illness is not important. What is important is establishing an overall picture of your health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Bioresonance works on the theory that our cells are constantly transmitting electrical signals that can be altered by stress, diet and environment pollutants of all kinds. When the signalling changes, we become ill. Bioresonance is a feedback loop that reads the ‘unhealthy’ signal and reads back the healthy one, so reminding the cells of what a healthy signal or pulse should be, healthy.


Crossgates Bioenergetics does not replace medicine

Crossgates Bioenergetics is an effective and safe alternative to conventional treatment. However it is NOT a medical treatment and we do not practice medicine in any form.

Crossgates Bioenergetics is quite simply a gentle, non-invasive and safe method of healing using LIFE itself. Our dedicated team do not claim or pretend to be doctors although our aim is to work along side them.