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We are now offering services with Bicom Bioresonance Therapy & Body Check Scanner to work in conjunction with Crossgates Bioresonance 

  • Over 16,000 Bicom devices are used worldwide
  • Bicom was first launched in 1937, they now have over 30 years experience
  • 3,200 Doctors practicing with human medicine use Bicom, as well as dentists, naturopaths & alternative therapists
  • Bicom therapy is non-invasive & pain free 


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Crossgates Bioresonance

Bioenergetics is a system of health care that assists the body’s in-built defence mechanism to heal itself. The immune system is boosted therefore promoting overall health, growth and combating the stress and discomfort illness can cause.

We work with one of the most advanced & effective bio-resonance balancing & remedy selection systems in energetic medicine.

This revolutionary, fully automated PC – based analysis, tests for over 285,000 different imbalances, disorders (physical & psychological), destructive substances (poisons, toxins, bacteria fungi viruses parasites, allergens) and deficiencies in a totally objective way.

You can find a list on our Hair Testing Category List Page

This energetic (not medical test) detects weaknesses in the body, including those that are genetically innate.

When unwell the body’s energetic system is unbalanced, by correcting that imbalance with the appropriate remedies the body will start to naturally healing itself.

Here at Crossgates we are looking at the energy system, via the hair sample, that can tell us where the imbalances are in the body, and at the same time deliver the appropriate remedies for that person.

Bio-energetic balancing is based on the principle that the body retains a quantum memory of everything experienced, both positive and negative. Throughout life the accumulated effects of mental and physical traumas gradually begin to impede the free flow of vital energy around the energetic field of the body resulting in illness.

The aim of Bio-resonance therapy is to restore healthy energetic patterns to the body, resulting in an improved sense of mental clarity, vitality and optimum wellness.

The Hair Analysis Test

The Test, from your hair sample, analyses the imbalances and runs through an extensive list of Homeopathic Remedies, Herbs, Flower Essences and Nutritional Factors, which make the test specifically tailored to you in a pendant.

The test offers the latest cutting-edge technology and is having a major impact on holistic therapies and treatments worldwide, with dramatic results.

It is safe and can be used to aid numerous or underlying physical, mental and emotional issues in humans.

The specific hair test is here to assist you with all your health problems whether they be complex, minor, and underlying illnesses, or the ups and downs of everyday life.

Safe for adults, children and babies, with no side effects.

A full consultation with a registered Homeopath to discuss your results along with advice and help with any supplements, which may be recommended.

Please call us for a friendly, informal chat about your health problems or to request a hair analysis kit please click here, fill in the relevant information, submit and a Human Hair Analysis Kit will be e mailed back to you.

pendant  The Pendant

The Pendant device will have been programmed from your hair analysis with different sets of patterns depending on your needs. It works best within 3 inches of your body. You can place it in your pocket/bra or around your neck throughout the day and under your pillow at night.

In tests the therapeutic value of drops and tablets on a comparable scale is about 35% whereas the therapeutic value of the pendant is 70%.

On one side of the Pendant there is a radio frequency identity tag (RFID), which contains a unique identity number used to identify the Pendant when used with the Bio-resonance system.

For ease of reference this number is also laser etched on the other end of the Pendants as a visual reference.

The pendant will continue to emit the patterns for 3 months, at which point the strength of the patterns will start to decrease, until it is programmed again.

Weighing 15 – 20 grams the pendant is light to carry and is made from a specially formulated proprietary mineral compound. They should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and should NOT be immersed in water.

 30ml-spray-l The Spray

Remedies are also available in a 30ml Bio-resonance spray for application via mouth or alternatively the remedy can be added to drinking water. Remedies are a 5% organic grain ethanol/water base.

The 30ml remedies are bio-energetically charged with the vibrations and patterns of the balancing remedies. There are no active chemical constituents. All remedies can be administered at the same time as conventional medicine.

Remedies are best stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and strong smells.

The 5% organic grain ethanol is not used for babies, children, liver, gallbladder and pancreas problems please ring to order on 01756 749901


Initial Analysis/Option 1

  • £100.14 including pendant, vat and postage

The analysis covers the 222 different categories, each one containing many different imbalances. Includes extra time for specific categories which is ideal for long term chronic problems that require extra support i.e. Digestive, Heart, Lungs Arthritis and many more.

You will receive a “Body Activity Status Log” showing which categories were detected as problem areas and a “Report of Bio- Field Imbalances” to show what has been detected during any extra program. Homeopathic and Flower essences balancing and a 30-minute telephone consultation with our registered Homeopath.

Health Scheme/Option 3

  • £68.96 includes a pendant recharge, vat and postage

Our health scheme option is recommended every 3 months after your option 1 balancing session to re-program your pendant. A sample of hair is required every 3 months to recharge your pendant specifically to your needs. You will receive a “Body Activity Status Log” showing which categories were detected as being problem areas, you new remedy or the e-pendant recharged. We would advise if any tinctures and/or supplements were required.

The Consultation

Consultations can be either via telephone or, if you are able to travel, to our Head Office in Gargrave, in our consultation room with a registered Homeopath. During the consultation you will be able to discuss the results of your analysis and it also enables you to discuss in private any problems in your daily life which may be giving you cause for concern. Not all illnesses are physical, your general well being or even the general ups and downs of daily life can act as significant triggers for feeling unwell. During the consultation you may be advised supplements and homeopathic tinctures to help your condition and advise on nutrition and/or your diet.

In some cases this one to one discussion alone has proven very successful and a little “Me” time is not a bad thing in our busy lives. To discuss you worries, stresses, upsets and health issues openly can be a good way in moving forward.

If you would like more information please call 01756 749901

“With Bioresonance Therapy, the name of your illness is not important. What is important is establishing an overall picture of your health, seeing which systems and organs are operating optimally and which are not, where there are blocks to your energy flow, whether allergic or inflammatory or degenerative processes are involved, and, most importantly, honouring your body’s own innate intelligence in its ability to continually heal itself”