Frequently Asked Questions about Bio-Resonance.

Q. What is the analysis procedure?

A. With a test procedure either via a hair/nail sample or via special, painless attachment of the patient to the Bio-resonance Analysis machine the therapist finds out whether any intolerances are present, whether certain organs are weakened or whether toxic substances are having a negative impact on the body etc. As a result, the often underlying causes of a complaint can in many cases be discovered very quickly.

Q. How does Crossgates Bio-Resonance work?

A. Bio-resonance therapy is one of a number of procedures including homeopathy, acupuncture and other naturopathic procedures within the area of empirical healing. 

The fundamental principles of the following hypothesis for bio-resonance therapy have been confirmed by the latest discoveries in quantum mechanics and biophysics, but have not yet been accepted by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine.

Bio-resonance works on the theory that our cells are constantly transmitting electric signals that can be altered by stress, diet and environment pollutants of all kinds. When the signalling changes we become ill. Bio-resonance is a feed back loop that ‘reads’ the unhealthy signal and feeds back the healthy one, acting as a reminder to the cells of what a healthy signal should be.

Q. What will happen at the session

A. You will be attached via wrist straps to the Crossgates Bio-Resonance System. The practitioner will run a series of scans using the computer to assess the imbalances in the physical body and all subtle energy systems. If it is impractical to attach the client to the system a hair /nail sample will be used instead.

Q. Will the client feel anything?

A. You may feel a slight tingling or not – either could happen, but it is completely safe.

Q. How many sessions will be required?

A. This depends on the purpose of your visit and the severity of the condition but your Practitioner will guide you.  Typically, you can expect anything between 1 – 6+ sessions.

 Q. How long is a session?

A. This again depends on the purpose of your visit.  Generally speaking you can expect it to last 1 – 2 hours.

Q. Are remote treatments available?

A. With bio-resonance balancing, using a bio-sample from the client, e.g. some hair / nail, it is possible to give a balancing session remotely.  The idea of healing remotely (i.e. the client not actually present) can be challenging for some.  However, the phenomenon of the ’invisible’ frequencies of TV and radio waves, that are used worldwide millions of times daily, can be a helpful similar analogy. With a remote session, the transmission of the frequency patterns is received by the client’s subtle energy body – and is then integrated and utilized by the body’s physical systems as well.  Remote sessions can be useful where there are time, distance or mobility restrictions. We would normally allow 7 – 10 days for a remote treatment.

Q. How do I get a remote treatment?

A. Contact Crossgates Bioenergetics via our contact page and after a short discussion with our helpful staff they will despatch an analysis kit which comprises of a health questionnaire, plastic sample bag, plastic glove, return addressed envelope and full instructions.

Q. What happens at the end of the session / remote treatment?

A. You will be given a print out of the findings and advice from the practitioner. You can expect to leave with a solid plan of action for yourself along with a specific bio-resonance remedy and/or a pendant (please inform the practitioner prior to the start of your analysis if you wish for a Pendant). You may be advised on supplements e.g. probiotics, vitamins, minerals to help your condition.  From a remote session you will be contacted via telephone with an analysis breakdown and any relevant products will be dispatch via post.

Q. What is a Pendant?

A. The Pendant is made from a specially-formulated mineral compound which continues to transmit the bio-resonant energies of the Crossgates Bio-resonance session, and which is taken away by the client to support the session. It weighs 15g and can be worn around the neck, placed in a pocket/bra, can be held and placed in-between your pillowslip and pillow at night (remove cord prior to this). You will be asked if you require a pendant at the start of the session and we do advise the use of a pendant as it resonates constantly to achieve optimum effect.