Three-Day Detox Diet.

The human body is a complex system that is normally capable of maintaining balance. Even though the kidneys, liver, skin and the lungs are capable of performing beyond their normal capacity to separate, neutralize and eliminate toxins, we still need to be careful about what goes in our body. However, sometimes even those who are extremely selective about what they eat find it hard to avoid pollutants in the environment and chemical additives in many commercial foods. A detox program can help in getting rid of the body of toxins and may also result in a better vitality.

A detoxification regime is actually a treatment for poisoning. The treatment involves neutralization of the toxic properties of harmful substances that invade the body. It is intended to give relief to the liver by reducing its workload. Natural detoxification usually involves a diet that is based on fruits and vegetables. Most diets recommend a well balanced diet with a 3-day regime of fruit based diet for periodic flushing out of toxins and cleansing the system. These are popularly known as 3-day detox diets because it is not advisable to continue them for more than three days at a time even though they are recommended for periodic flushing of the system.

Fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone around which 3-day detox diets are based.

A typical 3-day detox diet involves:

  • Drinking a cup of warm water with half lemon squeezed in as soon as you get up. This is meant for stimulating the gastric juices.
  • Meals include one cup of whole grains and at least three servings each of fruits and vegetables, out of which one serving should be of raw vegetables like carrots, celery or cauliflower.
  • Fruits and vegetables may be mixed to make salads but the dressing must necessarily be of either vinegar or natural oils: olive, coconut (virgin) or fish.

Kidney and liver tonic are recommended to complement the detox diet. Two cups of dandelion, chamomile or fennel tea twice in three days or a clove of garlic are excellent tonics.

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Another 3-day detox diet recommends eating a specific quantity of fruits every two hours to keep blood sugar levels in check and avoid hunger.

Fruits are high in fiber and water and many have natural medicinal properties.

Fibre helps in easy elimination and helps detox the liver from ingested toxins.

Detox diets are about cleansing and elimination and there is no way that you can lose more than the accumulated fecal matter in three days.