What is a zapper?

The zapper is a device invented by Dr Hulda Clark and is sold for research purposes only. It claims to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi electrically.

A battery-operated, positive offset device with a very low voltage from 5 to 10 volts. It supposedly kills parasites and bacteria wherever the current reaches them. But it apparently does not reach the eyes, the appendix, the testes, or the inner ear bones. The current travels along the stomach or intestinal wall, not through its content. It does not reach into the gallstones or into living cells. The current does not pass uniformly through the body. With regular zapping, the current passes mainly through liquids.

If pregnant or wearing a pacemaker, you should not zap, for these situations have not been explored yet. Do not use on young children or anyone with epilepsy. If you encounter any adverse side effects please stop using immediately. If researching this device for use with medical conditions please consult a experienced medical practitioner.

Please note Crossgates Bioenergetics take no responsibility for claims made in the books or on the Internet for the Clark Zapper.

For further information please research the device on the Internet or in Dr Clark’s books.