What is it?

The earth is a huge electricity generator, a giant capacitor storing a massive amount of energy that is constantly fluctuating. These distortions produce a natural radiation that is brought to the surface via fault lines, underground cavities and subterranean water to create problems which, dowsers, sensitive people and bio-resonance machines can detect.

The term geopathic stress literally means ‘illness produced from the earth’.

Geopathic stress affects everyone!

How it affects you

These earth rays do not directly cause problems for us however they affect the way we function. This natural radiation works against your aura and the natural rhythm and balance of your body. Dowsing Spirits offers a holistic approach to work on geopathic stress and its harmful affects.

Leaving your mind, body and spirit in peace, balance and harmony with its home and surroundings.


Below is a brief summary of the many and varied forms of geopathic stress which can affect your health.

Detrimental/inappropriate entities and energy forms

Entities can attach themselves to you at any stage in your life however a traumatic event, illness or stress at home/work in normally the reason why. Removal is simple and straightforward and can produce miraculous results in the person that can be affected.

Underground Streams/Rivers

Water a sit rushes along creates an energy field of great intensity; this will have a profound effect on you and your family. This is one to watch out for, as it is very detrimental to health.

Energy Leys

The power lines of the earth. Each one stretches around the earth taking energy to where it is needed.

Stress/Disturbing lines (man-made)

Man-made resulting from battles, muggings, foundations being excavated on a building, farming, mental and/or physical abuse etc.

Earth Energy Lines (Holy Lines)

Also known as ley lines, they have dowsable energy and link sacred sites across the country i.e. simple burials mounds, churches or standing stones.

Energy Spirals

They suck out and in natural radiation helping to keep the planet alive. They vary in direction and intensity. Their energies can be harmonised to co-exist with us.

Emotional Energy areas

Start by a simple argument or negative thought and similar to stress lines. However they remain as patches of energy where they are caused and if not cleansed they will soak up more negative energy.

Power Objects in House

Items of negativity found within the home or work place that spread disharmony.

Overhead Pylons. Underground Cables. Radon Gas Etc

Possible problems and neutralise as we all can suffer from something man-made.

Blankets of Energy

Often the results of large battles or great suffering; whether human or animal. We can explain these and cleanse them.

Chakra Balance or Blockages

Crossgates Bioenergetics can offer to eliminate and protect from all EMF’s by providing the patient with a pendant. Please click on the link to order your pendant today.

If you require more information please visit www.dowsingspirits.co.uk

Dowsing Spirits a holistic cure for geopathic stress at home or work, why suffer migraines, ME, divorce, sell your house? Don’t suffer needlessly.