images Pregnancy.

We believe that creating a baby is the most miraculous achievement we humans can do.

As would be parents you need to ensure you give your baby the best start in life. we can help you plan for your baby before conception and continue to support you through out your pregnancy.

We know for example, that women who eat a good diet and supplement it with multivitamins and minerals during their pregnancy give birth to healthier babies.

Thanks to the pioneering research of Professor David Barker, we also know that a poor maternal diet can increase the risk of baby developing diseases such as diabetes or heart disease in later life.

Patrick Holford says: –

The valuable work of the per-conceptual society Foresight has shown that optimising the health of both parents can dramatically reduce infertility and increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end of it. With one in six UK couples today suffering with fertility problems, one in four pregnancies ending in miscarraige and one in seventeen babies born with some sort of birth defect, this approach truly offers the best solution to ensuring the health and continuation of the next generation. And its far more effective. IVF has an average 22 percent success rate. with babies born suffering an higher instance of birth defects. Following an optimum nutritional protocol, could achieve a 78% success rate with fewer pregnancy problems and healthier babies”.

We at Crossgates, explore the issues around optimising your diet and nutrient intake, getting your body back into balance, minimising your exposure to harmful substances for maximum fertility and a healthier pregnancy.

Over the years we have been fortunate to help clients conceive and give birth to much wanted and loved children when all hope of ever becoming parents was just a dream.


Lynn’s story

One such client was Lynn who had been trying to conceive for many years, attending numerous hospital and doctors appointments. The final heart wrenching outcome by the medical profession was that Lynn “would never have children”.

Never giving up her dream of being a Mum Lynn sought out Julie, our registered Homeopath, and by working closely together through regular hair analysis to help overcome any health and well being issues, advice on nutrition, supplements and most of all support and understanding Lynn gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Rachel.

Perhaps we could help you.

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