Everyday First Aid for Kids

There are many bio-resonance remedies available to aid the everyday bumps and bruises kids encounter at home or at play.

All the bio-resonance remedies are safe to use and maybe purchased  separately or together to form a First Aid Pack to help ease pain and trauma.


 Whatever the accident, children are less likely to panic if people around them are calm and focused.  Emergency Essence comes into its own with any kind of accident.  It takes away a lot of the pain, shock, stress and trauma involved both for your child and you too.  Sometimes children can get quite a shock at having a fall, falling off a bike or tripping over and Emergency Essence will calm them very quickly.  In cream form Emergency Essence can be applied to bruises, swellings, strains and sprains.

 Bites and Stings

 If children are bitten or stung Emergency Essence aids to ease any pain and swelling.  If your child suffers from mosquito bites, midges or ticks apply Emergency Essence cream or drops to the bites to help reduce any irritation and swelling and to ease the itching.

Note: if your child is allergic to bites and stings contact a health professional immediately.

 Broken Bones

 If your child suffers a broken bone in an accident, Emergency Essence may help address the initial pain, shock and trauma.  There are two further remedies that will actually help to heal the bones, the first is Gymea Lily which works on ligaments and bones and the other is Hibbertia, which stimulates the paratyphoid, involved in the production of calcium, and so helps speed up the healing process.  These two remedies can be added to Emergency Essence and taken for two to three weeks after the accident.  After that, the two remedies can be taken without the Emergency Essence.


 When a bruise first occurs you can use Emergency drops internally or apply the cream topically to help reduce the pain and shock.  For children who are constantly bruising themselves you might consider Bush Fuchsia so they will become more coordinated and not as likely to have so many accident.  Black-eyed Susan can also help to slow them down.  Both essences are in Calm and Clear Essence.


 Children can easily suffer minor burns around the home.  The Solaris combination, which contains Mulla Mulla, is a great first aid kit remedy in case your child puts a hand on the heater, gets scalded in the bath, pulls something off the stove, or suffers from sunburn. If your child is burnt, run the area under cool water for up to twenty or thirty minutes giving Mulla Mulla frequently.


 Where cuts are superficial and not in need of stitches, give Emergency Essence for the shock, and the bio-resonance remedy Spinifex to help heal fine cuts.  If it is a deeper cut requiring stitching, then give the bio-resonance remedy Sender Rice Flower.  Always wash the cut under a tap, and apply a bandage firmly to stop the flow of blood.  Give Emergency Essence every fifteen minutes or so. Seek medical attention if cut appears deed/large.


 After a bad fall your child’s vertebrae can go out of alignment, affecting nerves that supply muscles and organs.  This may cause the muscles to spasm, and Emergency Essence rubbed into the area will relax the muscles and allow the vertebrae to go back in place and consequently ease the pain.  If your child is having headaches, then give Bush Fuchsia and Boab internally.  For any falls affecting the head, monitor the child for four hours, don’t let them go to sleep and if there is any sign of vomiting or if the pain is still present after four hours seek medical attention.

 Head injuries

 Babies and children can suffer a higher rate of head injuries due to the fact that their heads are larger in proportion to the size of their bodies than adults, and their skull is much less thick than adults.  Children are also more prone than adults to suffer bruising of the brain, because there is less myelin, a soft, fatty substance, around the nerves. Spinifex is a remedy for damaged nerve endings and can be found in Emergency Essence cream, it can also be added to Emergency Essence drops when there has been a head injury.  If there has been a loss of consciousness, Sundew, also found in Emergency Essence, will help.


 Nosebleeds usually indicate that a child needs greater psychic protection.  Fringed Violet is a wonderful remedy to address this.


 Use slender Rice Flower to clear any scarring, especially where there are stitches.  Give it for two weeks, although sometimes you will find it clears before that time.

 Skinned Knees

 Cleanse the area with water to remove any gravel or other foreign material.  When it is as clean as possible, the area can be sprayed with Emergency Essence.  It may sting a little, but it will really speed up the healing.  If you don’t have Emergency Essence in spray form, you can apply a few of the oral drops to the skinned area.  Also, give your child Emergency Essence drops orally to deal with the pain and any shock.


 Mulla Mulla is in Solaris Essence, which is good to spray onto any sunburn to ease the pain and heal any burning or blistering.  It will often stop any peeling.  Take orally every fifteen to thirty minutes and apply topically at the same time.

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Note: Remedies do not replace the need for medical assistance.