Over the years Crossgates have a help a number of parents who were becoming increasingly worried about their children. Our tried and tested flower essence remedies have helped in many cases. They are natural non toxic remedies and can be used for a variety of issues.

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The First Year

 Father and child bonding – If, as a father you feel disconnected from your baby, the remedy Red Helmet Orchid will help you bond with your son or daughter.  It will help you recognise that you need to spend time with your family and establish a strong, healthy bond.

Dealing with colic – For acute colic pain, rub a little Emergency essence cream around your baby’s abdomen.

For parents: Desperate for sleep – It is common for new parents to be deprived of sleep and to stumble through the day feeling exhausted. Dynamis essence will give you energy in the morning and renew your enthusiasm for each new day.  You may be so tired that even when your baby is sleeping you are unable to fall asleep and get good quality sleep.  In this case Calm and Clear essence will help you to make the most of the opportunity to sleep.  It is available as a spray, as drops, or as a cream for your face and hands.  Because it contains Black-eyed Susan, it will also help you if you feel impatient because your baby won’t go to sleep.

The adopted child – The earlier any trauma associated with feelings of abandonment and rejection are dealt with, the less likely adopted children are to act out at puberty.  Statistics show that adopted children go through a more turbulent time at puberty than children who are not adopted.  Tall Yellow Top is a good remedy for the adopted child.  It specifically addresses any sense of abandonment, and will give a sense of belonging.  Use Bottlebrush and Red Helmet Orchid for bonding too.

Guilty feelings – Sturt Desert Rose can be a very good remedy for you if you are feeling guilty about not letting your baby have the breast.  It helps you have the courage to do what you have to do, even if your child is crying and very upset.  Reassuring your child and giving her lots of love is most important at this time.  It is a big step towards independence.

Circumcision – if your son is circumcised, use Emergency essence together with Slender Rice Flower for a few days before and two weeks after the surgery, both topically and orally, to help heal the cut and avoid any scarring.   Follow this procedure for any surgery.

Your child’s immune system – The best way to boost your child’s immune system is to breastfeed.  There has been a 1300 per cent increase in autism in Western countries over the last ten years, and a lot of evidence is pointing to the correlation between vaccines and this rise in incidence.  These days children are receiving far more vaccines than children of a generation ago.  It is recommended to give your child Emergency essence for a few days before and after the vaccinations.  Follow this with Purifying essence taken for one month to help remove all neurotoxins and other chemicals found in the vaccines.

Whether to immunise – If you are unsure about whether to immunise your child, take Paw Paw, found in Cognis essence to help you to make a decision.  If you fear making the wrong decision Illawarra Flame Tree can help you, giving you the confidence to take responsibility.


The Toddler Years

 Children of a new generation – Children born from the late 1900s onwards want more explained to them; they want to know what is going on.  If you explain what and why things are being done, you may be able to short circuit a tantrum so that is doesn’t happen at all.

Tantrums – Most children will have tantrums, which normally start at around eighteen months of age.  Tantrums are caused by anger and frustration at not getting what they want or not being able to control what is happening around them.  A limited understanding of the world can lead to fear and confusion, which in turn can lead to a tantrum.  You can use either Emergency essence or Confid essence to help as well as talking to and reassuring the child.

Setting boundaries – Consistency is essential.  If you tell your child what needs to happen, stick to it and avoid giving in.  Taking Flannel Flower will help you set strong boundaries.

After the tantrum – After a tantrum, when your child has settled down, talk to him, let him know you are not happy about what happened, and also give him a hug and reassure him that he is still loved regardless of his behaviour.  As your child gets a little older, you could discuss with him other ways to deal with frustration, such a drawing how he is feeling rather than having a tantrum.

Preparing for toilet training – The remedy Bush Fuchsia, in Cognis essence, can promote neurological development so that children are ready for toilet training.

Bedwetting – the main remedies for bedwetting are Dog rose, which works on the kidneys and bladder, together with Red Helmet Orchid.

Convulsions – If your child starts fitting, put a few drops of Emergency essence on his head.  Place him on his side so that it is easier for his airway to stay open.  Any difficulty breathing is usually due to a tightening of the bronchials, and Crowea, in Emergency essence, will help to relax them.

Sleep deprivation – For sleep deprivation over a long period of time, Dynamis essence will help you overcome exhaustion and weariness.

For parents:  Letting your child cry – Take Emergency essence for yourself if you become upset at having to let your child cry for a short time on his own.

Nightmares – Nightmares can be terrifying for children.  Your child might wake from a nightmare feeling very distressed and cry for you.  Hold her and reassure her so that she feels safe.  Give her Emergency essence, which is excellent for nightmares, because it contains Grey Spider Flower for terror as well as Dog Rose of the Wild Forces for extreme fear.

For parents:  Fighting – If you and your partner argue, the remedy Dagger Hakea can help you let go of old resentments and grudges that keep coming back every time there is an argument.  Mountain Devil and Black-eyed Susan will also help give you more tolerance and patience, and help you to be more forgiving.

Clearing negative energy – Spraying the environment where your child plays and sleeps with Space Clearing essence will clear any negative energy and create a harmonious environment.

Routines – Because little children feel safer with an uninterrupted routine, make sure that the babysitter your employ keeps things as close to usual routine as possible while they are caring for your child.

Attachment to possessions – The remedy Bush Iris will help children who are very materialistic and/or are overly attached to their possessions and won’t share them.

For parents:  Difficulty sharing – It can be difficult for parents to recognise that they themselves have trouble sharing with others.  If you do see this aspect in yourself, then taking the  remedy Boab will help break those generational patterns early on.


 Common Childhood Infections and Illnesses

 Asthma – Asthma is a common chest problem for up to one in four children in developed countries.  Purifying essence helps to remove the chemicals of medication and to help the lymphatic system, clearing out excessive mucus and toxins from the sinuses, throat and lungs.  Acute attacks can be successfully treated with Emergency essence.

Autism – there is no cure, nor a clearly accepted reason why autism occurs.  Children usually exhibit very repetitive, obsessive behaviours and can be extremely attached to routines, getting very upset and disturbed when things change. Many have difficulty with social interactions, communication and behaviour, which are major, regular parts of life.  Many autistic children have sensory sensitivities, which can cause them to feel frustrated, fearful, anxious or confused. Bush fuchsia, found in Calm and Clear essence and Cognis essence, is one of the most important remedies, as it gives one a sense of orientation.

Chicken pox – This is a viral condition that starts with a mild fever and is followed by a rash which spreads, the lesions filling with fluid and forming small blisters. After a few days these burst and scab over, which can cause scarring if scratched.  Stopping children from scratching can be difficult because the rash is itchy.  Applying Spinifex directly to the itchy rash can help to stop the scratching.

Toddlerhood to childhood

 For parents:  Being playful – The remedy Little Flannel Flower will help you get in touch with your own playfulness, giving you a sense of being carefree and joyous.  It’s a wonderful remedy if you find it difficult to join your child in the fun of play.

A demanding child – Sometimes your child will be demanding because she knows that eventually you will give in.  If this is the case you would benefit from Flannel Flower, which will help you to establish healthy boundaries.

Calm mealtimes – Get into the habit of turning off the television during mealtimes so that the family can focus on eating.  Some families eat dinner while watching the news at night, but some of the images can be very upsetting for children, and this can cause digestive problems. If your child shows disinterest in food and eating, make sure there are no distractions.  Remedies in Calm and Clear essence can help if your child is easily distracted.

Whingeing – Parents have noted that after using Rough Bluebell their children stopped whingeing and whining.  It helps to curb their desire to manipulate and use their tone of voice in an attempt to get what they want.

Improving sunblock – Children can easily get burnt in the sun even when using sunblock.  If you are worried about sunburn or sun damage give your child a dose of Solaris essence before going outdoors. Using Mulla Mulla along with the sunblock can also help.

Travelling – Travel essence can be taken by children who get motion sickness from boats or cars.  It is also recommended to take the remedy while flying as it will negate many of the negative effects you are exposed to when flying. Bush Iris will help to regulate your body clock and minimise the impact of jet lag.  Emergency essence is also fantastic for anyone with a fear of flying. .  Take some Emergency essence in the days leading up to a flight abd as oftern as needed while flying.

Surgery – If a child is due to have surgery give them Emergency essence for three days before the surgery and for a good two weeks afterwards.  This essence will ease any fear and anxiety a child has about being separated from the family and having an operation. It will also ease the pain during recovery.   Macrocarpa can be added to help the adrenal glands, which are badly affected by anaesthetics and Slender Rice Flower will help with the healing of scars.

X-Rays and Radiation – If your child needs to have an x-ray for any reason then the remedy Mulla Mulla or the combination of Solaris essence containing it will, if taken just beforehand and immediately afterwards, stop the body from absorbing as much of the radiation.

Reducing household radiation – We are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from digital phones, computers, power lines etc.  By placing a bottle of Electro essence in all four corners of your home you will greatly diminish the impact this electromagnetic radiation has on you and your family.   Replace the bottles after one year.


Starting School

 Building confidence – The Bush Essence Five Corners is specific for building confidence and self-esteem.  It is regarded as one of the most importance essences for children, and you will find it in the combination Confid essence.

 Breaking family patterns – A child with learning difficulties often has at least one parent who suffered similarly as a child.  The remedy Boab will help to break any family pattern.

When a child loses interest – If children show a tendency to become bored easily, lose interest and not finish things, this can start a pattern of behaviour that becomes a bigger problem later on.  The remedy Peach-flowered Tee-tree will help these children develop drive and consistency.

Boosting Self-Esteem – For children who have been embarrassed about their poor learning skills, it’s a good idea to follow up Cognis essence with Confid essence to boost self-esteem.

Aiding social skills – Children who are hyperactive are often unaware of others and their needs.  The remedy Kangaroo Paw will help them with this and it is the specific remedy for poor social skills.

The Bullied child – Fringed violet, in Emergency essence, is a remedy that can help a bullied child, providing some psychic protection around them.

For parents: Your Child’s eating habits – If you feel distressed about your child’s eating habits, Crowea, which is in both Emergency essence and Calm and Clear essence, will address the worrying and help to calm you down.  Sometimes children react to their parent’s worry and fussing.  When you are calmer and less worried about whether your child is eating enough, she may become more interested in food.