Pregnancy & Bush Flower Essences

During pregnancy through to the birth of your baby huge demands, physically and mentally are asked of us.

There are many combination or single remedy Bush Flower Essences which may be of help at this time in your life.

Below are some suggestions to help you through.

Preparing for Pregnancy

 Making Love – To create a very intimate, receptive environment for you and your partner to make love with the intention of conceiving, use Sensuality spray.  It encourages passion and sensual fulfilment.


Pregnancy and your Baby’s Birth

 Unexpected Pregnancy – If the conception has occurred before you want it, then Bottlebrush can make it easier for you, the mother, to bond with your child.  For your partner, Red Helmet Orchid is the essence to help him to bond with his child.  Both of these remedies are in Relationship essence.

 Distress during pregnancy – Frequently women say how during pregnancies a number of upsetting things have happened to them or their family and Emergency essence has greatly helped them, settling them and easing their distress.  

 Sibling Connection – Before the birth, siblings of the unborn baby can be given the essence Green Spider Orchid to help them connect with the child even before it is born,  Ask them what messages they are getting from their new brother or sister and encourage the to talk about them with you.

When your partner feels left out – A women’s partner may feel resentful because she is focused in the baby and the impending birth.  If what he is feeling resembles the jealousy of sibling rivalry, the remedy Mountain Devil would help him.

Energy boost – During pregnancy women can often feel very tired.  Dynamis essence gives a great boost of energy.

Impatient for labour – Towards the end of pregnancy women can become edgy and irritable and unable to wait for the ’big day’ when their baby is due.  Black-eyed Susan can help with extreme impatience.

Being rested – During the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, take Calm and Clear essence to help you sleep and build up your reserves for the weeks ahead.

Relaxation – Taking Calm and Clear will help you to relax, go within and be able to focus on what is happening.

Communicating with your baby – Your baby will probably find the birth very difficult, especially as it has little control over either its tiny physical body or over the whole birth process.  Many studies have shown that there is a lot of telepathic communication from the baby who is struggling to be born, and the essence Green Spider Orchid taken before and during labour will help you tune in to this and pick up what your child is trying to communicate.

Stamina – Throughout labour Emergency essence can help.  Adding Macrocapra to it can increase stamina and endurance and to help alleviate any physical exhaustion during labour.

Releasing shock or trauma – Keep using Emergency essence after the birth, especially if there was any medical intervention with surgery, or if forceps were used.  It will help to ease the shock to your system.

Detoxing – Taking Purifying essence straight after the baby’s birth can help to clear out the drugs you may have been given.  Because it contains Bottlebrush, the essence is specifically good for mother-child bonding.

Caesarean babies – Children born by caesarean section can have a hard time completing things because they didn’t have a ‘complete’ birth (i.e. it was done for them) so the remedy Jacaranda, in Cognis essence, will help them to finish what they start.

A Calm environment – A sense of peace and calm is important for Children with Down Syndrome so Calm and Clear essence can be a useful remedy as they are growing and developing.


The First Few Days

 Creating a Harmonious space – Regularly spraying Space Clearing essence around the room before and after visitors can help to keep the energy kind to a new little one.  As a result you can feel the stillness and harmony in the room, making it feel safe and warm with a  lovely calm energy.

Developing Physical Intimacy – A child may have ore difficulty with physical intimacy as a result of not gong directly onto the breast following birth and having that initial warm, nurturing contact with his mother.  The remedy Flannel Flower, in Relationship essence, will help a child develop ease with physical intimacy.

Focused on feeding – From birth to the third year nutrition is essential for the child.   What is fed to the child is important, as is how it is fed, under what circumstances it is fed and if there is love when it is fed.  Many women have mentioned that by using Calm and Clear spray or drops they have been able to let go of other distractions around them, and be very focused, still and loving while feeding their baby.  Women talk of both they and their child being very centred and very still together.

Enjoying breastfeeding – Women who were not breastfed themselves can experience some repugnance at the idea of a baby suckling at their breast   the essence Billy Goat Plum will help a women who doesn’t like the idea of breastfeeding; it allows her to accept her body and come to enjoy its wonderful functions.

Treating mastitis – While breastfeeding the glands in the breast can become inflames, causing mastitis.  Taking Woman essence each day to harmonise any imbalances, and adding Bush Iris, which works on the lymphatics can help.  There are lots of lymphatics in the breasts.  Rubbing Emergency cream into the breast area can also aid healing.

Postnatal depression – If you continue to feel very down after childbirth, you will find that Waratah, in Emergency essence, is a very powerful remedy for bringing you back into balance at this time, while Tall Yellow Top is specific for loneliness, alienation and depression also.

Too much advice – This can leave the mother feeling confused and unsettled.  Taking Fringed Violet for protection followed up with Bush Fuchsia, in Woman essence can help you to trust and follow your own natural mothering instincts.