Here at Crossgates we have many happy endings but the story below is one of our happiest.

“We first went to Julie Dodgson in November 2009 after having failed IVF. For about four years we had tried hard for a family knowing that I had a history of endometriosis and after another laparoscopy, fertility treatments and then IVF we were feeling desperate and extremely upset that nothing was helping us.

For anyone to go through something so stressful and life absorbing as IVF or any other fertility treatment will know that when you get that phone call saying it hadn’t work you immediately think that’s it, it will never happen.

But, soon after we both went to Crossgates, and it was the best thing we could have done. We started our pendant treatment in January 2010, were advised on what food to eat and took supplements as part of the treatment. When we had our hair analysis it was amazing what the computer was detecting. Obviously there were lots of things we had no clue about, like allergies or how stress was affecting us. But known problems linked to the endometriosis, and even recent dental problems were all clearly identified.

Every three months we both went to Crossgates and had our pendants re read and redone addressing any changes and new needs. Then, after about five months I was given supplements to treat the symptoms of the endometriosis. A month after that I fell pregnant. My husband then opted out of the treatment, and I continued going throughout the pregnancy to Crossgates every three months with my pendant. If I ever felt stressed or had morning sickness Julie would make me a remedy and within a few days I always felt much better.

In February 2011 we had a very strong and healthy boy.

When our son was about six months old we started trying again. Nothing happened, so we went back to Julie. Within about six weeks of having treatment I fell pregnant again. And now we have a beautiful daughter. And I can’t thank Julie enough for that.

The treatment and emotional support you receive is so person centred, unlike any other clinical environment. And there is no stress, as part of the treatment is to focus on being stress free which then helps your body reach its optimum health and remain balanced.  For anyone who has struggled with getting pregnant like us we would definitely say try Crossgates for help.

This is a true story.