Australian Flower Combination Essences can help with: – Enhance and balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Assist in increasing intuition. Strengthen coping abilities. Assist in navigating life changes and transformation. Accelerate any healing process. Help you to feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and your dreams!

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Emergency Essence
Panic, distress, fear
Ability to cope, calming effect during a crisis.
Abund Essence
Pessimistic, closed to receiving, poverty conscious, fear of lack.
Joyful sharing, belief in abundance, clears financial sabotage patterns, universal trust, aids in release of negative beliefs, family patterns.
Adol Essences
Feeling of hopelessness, insensitive, “its not fair” attitude, rebellious, anger.
Coping with change, considerate to others, self esteem. Helps address the major issues teenagers commonly experience, emotional stability, harmony in relationships.
Calm & Clear Essence
Always over committed. No time for self. Impatience, worry, rushing.
Encourages own time, wind down, relax and have fun, clarity, calmness and peace.
Cognis Essence
Daydreaming, confusion, overwhelm
Assimilate ideas, clarity and focus, enhances learning abilities and skills, excellent for study purposes, assists problem solving.
Confidence Essence
Low self esteem, guilt, shyness, and lack of conviction.
Integrity, confidence, taking responsibility, personal power, true to one’s self.
Creative Essence
Blocks and inhibitions, difficulty-expressing feelings
Clarity of voice, creative expression, public speaking, clears creative blocks.
Dynamis Essence
Temporary loss of drive, enthusiasm and excitement, feeling drained, “not quite right”
Renews passion and enthusiasms for life, centres and harmonises one’s vital forces.
Electro Essence
Feeling drained and flat, out of balance with earth’s rhythms.
Relieves fear and stress associated with earth, electro and electromagnetic forces.
Face, Hand & Body Essence
Dislike of physical self, body, skin texture and touch
Acceptance of physical body, love and nurturing of self.
Meditation Essence
Poor quality meditation, psychic, attack, damaged aura, psychically drained.
Awaken spiritually; enhance intuition, inner guidance, and deeper meditation.
Purifying Essence
Emotional waste, feeling encumbered, emotional baggage.
Sense of relief and release, spring-cleaned, clear built up emotional baggage.
Relationship Essence
Emotional pain and turmoil, confusion, resentment, inability to relate
Expressing feelings, forgiveness, renews interest, enhanced communication, enhances parental – child bonding, helps enhance relationships.
Sensuality essence
Fear of emotional and physical intimacy
Encourages intimacy, passion and sensual fulfilment.
Sexuality Essence
Effects of sexual abuse, shame, uptight about sexuality, fear of intimacy.
Renews passion, sensuality, enjoy touch and intimacy, playfulness, fulfilment.
Solaris Essence
Fear and distress associated with fire.
Reduces the negative effects from fire and the sun’s rays.
Space Clearing Essence
Negative mental, disharmonious or unpleasant environments.
Clears negative energies, creates safe and harmonious environments, allows one to feel still and reflective.
Transition Essence
Feeling stuck, lack of direction, fear of death, fear of the unknown, non-acceptance.
Acceptance of change, serenity, eases fear of death, passing over into peace.
Travel Essence
Disorientation, personally depleted and drained, emotional effects of travel.
Refreshes, centres, maintains personnel space.
Women Essence
Mood swings, weary, physical dislike
Female balance calms and stabilises, coping with change.