Australian Bush Flower Individual Essences.

Flower Essences can be traced back many thousands of years with many cultures using Flower Essences to treat emotional health and wellbeing. We are once again beginning to understand that emotional wellbeing is a major component to good health.

Crossgates are able to offer a range of essences that can be used individually or combined (max of 7) to help treat any emotional issues for you and your animals.

Flower Essences can help with: –

Enhance and balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Assist in increasing intuition.
Strengthen coping abilities.
Assist in navigating life changes and transformation.
Accelerate any healing process.
Help you to feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and your dreams!

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  1. Alpine Mint Bush

–       Mental & emotional exhaustion; lack of joy and weight of responsibility of care givers

+   Revitalisation; joy; renewal

2. Angelsword

–       Interference with true spiritual connection to Higher Self; spiritually possessed; spiritual confusion.

+   Spiritual discernment, accessing gifts from past   lifetimes; release of negatively held psychic energies; clear spiritual communication.

 3. Banksia Robur

–       Disheartened; lethargic; frustrated

+   Enjoyment of life; enthusiasm; interest in life

 4. Bauhinia

–   Resistance to change; rigidity; reluctance

+   Acceptance; open mindedness

 5. Billy Goat Plum

–       Shame; inability to accept the physical self; physical loathing

+   Sexual pleasure and enjoyment; acceptance of self and one’s physical body; open mindedness

6. Black-eyed Susan

–       Impatience; on the go; over committed; constant striving

+   Ability to turn inward and be still; slowing down; inner peace

7. Bluebell

–       Closed; fear of lack; greed; rigidity

+   Opens the heart; belief in abundance; universal trust; joyful sharing; unconditional love

8. Boab

–       Enmeshment in negative family patterns; for recipients of abuse and prejudice

+   Personal freedom by releasing family patterns; clearing of other, non-family, negative Karmic connections.

9. Boronia

–    Obsessive thoughts; pining; broken hearted

+   Clarity; serenity; creative visualisation

 10. Bottlebrush

–       Unresolved mother issues; overwhelmed by major life changes – old age, adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy, approaching death

+   Serenity and clam; ability to cope and move on; mother-child bonding

11. Bush Fuchsia

–       Switched off; nervousness about public speaking; ignoring ‘gut feelings’; clumsy

+   Courage to speak out; clarity; in touch with intuition; integration of information; integration of male and female aspects

 12. Bush Gardenia

–       Stale relationships; self interest; unaware

+   Passion; renews interest in partner; improves communication

 13. Bush Iris

–       Fear of death; materialism; atheism; physical excess; avarice

+   Awakening of spirituality; acceptance of death as a transition state; clearing blocks in the base   chakra and trust centre

14. Christmas Bell

–       Lack of abundance; sense of lack; poor stewardship of one’s possessions

+   Helps one to manifest their desired outcomes; assists on with mastery of physical plane

15. Crowea

–       Continual worrying; a sense of being ‘not quite right’

+   Peace and calm; balances and centres the individual; clarity of one’s feelings.

16. Dagger Hakea

–       Resentment; bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers

+   Forgiveness; open expression of feelings

17. Dog Rose

–       Fearful; shy; insecure; apprehensive with other people; niggling fears

+   Confidence; belief in self; courage; ability to embrace life more fully.

18. Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

–       Fear of losing control; hysteria; pain with no apparent cause

+    Calm and centred in times of inner and outer turmoil; emotional balance

19. Five Corners

–   Low self esteem; dislike of self; crushed; held in personality; clothing drab and colourless

+  Love and acceptance of self; celebration of own beauty; joyousness

20. Flannel Flower

–       Dislike of being touched; lack of sensitivity in males; uncomfortable with intimacy.

+   Gentleness and sensitivity in touching; trust; openness; expression of feelings; joy in physical activity

21. Freshwater Mangrove

–       Heart closed due to expectations of prejudices which have been taught; not personally experienced.

+    Openness to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts; healthy questioning of traditional    standards and beliefs

22. Fringed Violet

–       Damage to aura; distress; lack of psychic protection

+   Removal of effects of recent or old distressing events; heals damage to aura; psychic protection

23. Green Spider Orchid

–       Nightmares and phobias from past life experiences; intense negative reactions to the sight of blood

+   Telepathic communication; ability to withhold information until timing is appropriate; attunement

24. Grey Spider Flower

–       Terror; fear of supernatural and psychic attack

+   Faith; calm; courage

25. Gymea Lily

–       Arrogant; attention seeking; craving status and glamour; dominating and over-riding personality

+   Humility; allowing others to express themselves and contribute; awareness; appreciation and taking notice of others

26. Hibbertia

–       Fanatical about self improvement; driven to acquire knowledge; excessive self discipline; superiority

+   Content with own knowledge; acceptance; ownership and utilisation of own knowledge

27. Illawarra Flame Tree

–       Overwhelming sense of rejection; fear of responsibility

+   Confidence; commitment and elf reliance; self approval

28. Isopogon

–       Inability to learn from past experience; stubborn; controlling personality

+   Ability to learn from past experience; retrieval of forgotten skills; relating without manipulating or controlling; ability to remember the past.

29. Jacaranda

–       Scattered; changeable; dithering; rushing

+   Decisiveness; quick thinking; centred

30. Kangaroo Paw

–       Gauche; unaware; insensitive; inept; clumsy

+   Kindness; sensitivity; savoire faire; enjoyment of people; relaxed

 31. Kapok Bush

–       Apathy; resignation; discouraged; half hearted

+   willingness; application; ‘give it a go’; persistence; perception

32. Little Flannel Flower

–       Denial of the child within; seriousness in children; grimness in adults

+   Care Free; playfulness; joyful

33. Macrocarpa

–       Drained; jaded; worn out

+   Enthusiasm, inner strength, endurance

34. Mint Bush

–       Perturbation; confusion; spiritual emergence; initial turmoil and void of spiritual initiation

+   Smooth spiritual initiation; clarity, calmness; ability to cop

35. Monga Waratah

–       Neediness, co-dependency; inability to do things alone; disempowerment; addictive personality

+   Strengthening of one’s will; reclaiming of one’s spirit; belief that one can break the dependency of any behaviour, substance or person; self-empowerment.

36. Mountain Devil

–     Hatred; anger; holding grudges; suspiciousness

+    Unconditional love; happiness; healthy boundaries, forgiveness

37. Mulla Mulla

–     Fear of flames and hot objects; distress associated with exposure to heat and sun

+    Reduces the effects of fire and sun; feeling comfortable with fire and heat

38. Old Man Banksia

–     Weary, phlegmatic personalities; disheartened; frustrated

+     Enjoyment of life; renews enthusiasm; interest in life

 39. Paw Paw

–    Overwhelm; unable to resolve problems; burdened by decision

+   Improved access to Higher Self for problem solving; assimilation of new ideas; calmness; clarity

40. Peach-flowered Tea-tree

–   Mood swings; lack of commitment to follow through projects; easily bored; hypochondriacs

Ability to complete projects, personal stability, take responsibility for one’s health

 41. Philotheca

–  Inability to accept acknowledgement; excessive generosity

+  Ability to receive love and acknowledgement; ability to let in praise

42. Pink Flannel Flower

  Feeling of life being dull and flat; lacking joy or appreciation for the every day aspects of life

+   Gratitude; joie de vivre; keeping one’s heart chakra open; appreciation

43. Pink Mulla Mulla

–   Deep ancient wound on the psyche, an outer guarded and prickly persona to prevent being hurt; keeps people at a distance.

+  Deep spiritual healing; trusting and opening up.

44. Red Grevillea

–   Feeling stuck; oversensitive, affected by criticism and unpleasant people; too reliant on others.

+  Boldness; strength to leave unpleasant situations; indifference to the judgement of others.

45. Red Helmet Orchid

–   Rebelliousness; hot-headed; unresolved father issues; selfishness

+  Male bonding; Sensitivity; respect; consideration

46. Red Lily

–  Vague; disconnected; split; lack of focus; daydreaming

+  Grounded; focused; living in the present; connection with life and God.

47. Red Suva Frangipani

–   Initial grief; sadness and upset of either a relationship at rock bottom or the death of a loved one;

+  Feeling calm and nurtured; inner peace and strength to cope.

48. Rough Bluebell

–   Deliberately hurtful, manipulative, exploitive or malicious

+  Compassion; release of one’s inherent love vibration; sensitivity

49. She Oak

–  Female imbalance; inability to conceive for non-physical reasons

+  Emotionally open to conceive; female balance

50. Silver Princess

–   Aimless; despondent; feeling flat; lack of direction

+  Motivation; direction; life purpose

51. Slender Rice Flower

–  Prejudice; racism; narrow mindedness; comparison with others

+  Humility; group harmony; co-operation; perception of beauty in others.

 52. Southern Cross

–  Victim mentality; complaining; bitter; martyrs; poverty consciousness

+  Personal power; taking responsibility; positiveness

53. Spinifex

– Sense of being a victim to illness

+  Empowers one through emotional understanding of illness

 54. Sturt Desert Pea

–   Emotional pain; deep hurt; sadness

+  Letting go; triggers healthy grieving; releases deep held grief and sadness

55. Sturt Desert Rose

–   Guilt; regret and remorse; low self esteem; easily led

+  Courage; conviction; true to self; integrity

56. Sundew

–   Vagueness; disconnectedness; split; indecisive; lack of focus; daydreaming

+  Attention to detail,; grounded; focused; living in the present

 57. Sunshine Wattle

–   Stuck in the past; expectation of a grim future; struggle

+  Optimism; acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present; open to a bright future

58. Sydney Rose

–   Feeling separated, deserted, unloved or morbid

+   Realising we are all one; feeling safe and at peace; heartfelt compassion, sense of unity.

59. Tall Mulla Mulla

–   Ill at ease; sometimes fearful of circulating and mixing with others; loner; distressed by and avoids confrontation

+  Feeling relaxed and secure with other people; encourages social interaction

60. Tall Yellow Top

–   Alienation; loneliness; isolation

+   Sense of belonging; acceptance of self and others

61. Turkey Bush

–   Creative block; disbelief in own creative ability

+  Inspired creativity; creative expression; focus; renews artistic confidence.

62. Waratah

–   Despair; hopelessness; inability to respond to a crisis

+  Courage; tenacity; adaptability; strong faith; enhancement of survival skills

 63. Wedding Bush

–   Difficulty with commitment

+  Commitment to relationships. Commitment to goals; dedication to life purpose

64. Wild Potato Bush

–   Weighed down; feeling encumbered

+  Ability to move on in life; freedom; renews enthusiasm

65. Wisteria

–  Feeling uncomfortable with sex; closed sexually; macho male

+  Sexual enjoyment enhanced sensuality, sexual openness; gentleness

66. Yellow Cowslip Orchid

–  Critical judgement; bureaucratic, nit picking

+  Humanitarian concern; impartiality-stepping back from emotions; constructive; a keener sense of arbitration



 97. Autumn Leaves

–       Difficulties in the transition of passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world

+   Letting go and moving on; increase awareness and communication with the loved ones in the spiritual world

98. Green Essence

–       Emotional distress associated with intestinal and skin disorders

+  Harmonises the vibration of any yeast, mould or parasite to one’s own vibration; purifying.

99. Lychen

–       Not knowing to look for and move into the Light when passing over; earth bound in the astral plane

+  Eases one’s transition into the Light; assists separation between the physical and the etheric bodies; releases earth bound energies.