quit the Habit.

Many people are quite addicted to using cigarettes in an emotion- numbing way.

Painful emotional situations such as a divorce or job stress can be enough to cause someone who has quit to start smoking again.

People use cigarettes to help them cope with difficult emotions and avoid dealing with harsh situations. From an alternative health point of view, the stimulant effect of nicotine also plays a role here.

Don’t underestimate the strength of this emotional addiction to smoking.

Our unique smoking bio-resonance remedy has helped and aided clients quit the habit. The bio-resonance remedy is available as a spray for easy application and/or as a pendant to wear.

The Stop Smoking bio-resonance remedy also includes two unique Flower Essences, Nicotiana and Golden Yarrow both of which help you deal with the craving and the emotional need to smoke.

Simple to use, as and when you feel you need or crave a cigarette, spray the bio-resonance remedy directly into your mouth, 2-3 pumps at a time.

There is also the option to have the bio-resonance remedy via a pendant to wear daily along with your 30ml spray.

Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedies, but they are generally taken for emotional issues rather than physical conditions. You can take the remedies more frequently than usually recommended whenever you feel yourself craving a cigarette. There are two flower essences in particular that specifically relate to smoking cessation and relief of cravings.

Nicotiana Essence made from the flowers of a type of flowering tobacco plant. It is helpful to take when you want to quit smoking. It helps alleviate the emotional cigarette cravings, provides support to help you quit with less psychological withdrawal symptoms (such as irritability). Even if you don’t think you smoke for emotional reasons, Nicotiana essence can still be very helpful to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ease cravings.

Golden Yarrow Essence, if you feel like you will crave cigarettes, can help you deal with stressful emotions. Yarrow helps you feel more confident and protected to deal with stressful situations directly, without being overwhelmed by them.

Our stop smoking bio-resonance remedy may be of aid to you in your desire to:

Quit the Habit

(some will power will be necessary)


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