Acid Alkaline Balance in Digestive Health

You may be suffering from stomach ulcer pains, colitis, acid reflux , helicobacter pylori infection or other digestive problems which all have poor acid alkaline balance at the root.  Some scientists have said that wherever there is pain there is excess tissue acidity. Now it is possible to correct these imbalances to reduce or eliminate the root cause of pain and inflammation. Proper digestion is key to good health.

Poor digestion promotes an acidic blood stream. Furthermore, we can’t be properly nourished if we’re not properly digesting our food; without proper nourishment, we can’t be fully and permanently healthy. Finally, recurrent or chronic indigestion on its own can be deadly, gradually impeding intestinal function which can go unnoticed until serious conditions like Chrohns disease or even colon cancer exist.’    Dr Robert Young – The pH Miracle – Balance your diet, reclaim your health.

If you want to enjoy high levels of wellness then it is important to correct body tissue pH imbalances.  Drinking alkaline water ideally combined with an alkalising green superfood such as Green Vibrance can be hugely valuable to help to restore proper pH balance and reduce pain and inflammation. In Japan and Korea alkaline ionized water is extensively used to treat gastrointestinal problems most of which are caused by excess tissue acidity.

There is lots of compelling evidence as to the crucial role water has in terms of the health of our digestive system. What is becoming increasingly clear is that if we can maintain the optimum pH balance in our digestive system we will enjoy far better levels of health and energy. We will be able to overcome the unpleasant effects caused by acidosis of our body. Harmful microforms will not proliferate in our digestive tract if the pH balance is within the correct range. The following are some of the problems in the digestive tract that probably have an acidity problem at their root where you will gain benefit by alkalising and properly hydrating the body.

  1. Acid reflux
  2. Stomach Ulcers
  3. Helicobacter Pylori
  4. Liver and Pancreas Problems
  5. Colitis
  6. Irritable Bowel syndrome
  7. Constipation
  8. Candida overgrowth

The following are comments from some of the leading experts on the benefits of good hydration and alkalising.

Dr F Batmanghelidj in his book ‘Water and Salt’ concludes ‘After much clinical and scientific research, my understanding is that early indicators of acid burns in the interior of cells and potential genetic damage that can take place are different forms and intensities of pain. Depending on the degree of dehydration, as well as the extent and the location of acid build-up inside the cells-when greater flow of water should have cleared the acid from that area- the classic pains of the body are produced.’ Amongst them he lists heartburn, dyspeptic pain and colitis pain.

Professor Won H Kim in his groundbreaking book ‘Water of Life: a cure for your body’ states ‘ electrolysed alkaline water has been recognized to have special efficacy for abnormal fermentation in the stomach, chronic diarrhoea, indigestion, gastric hyperactivity and constipation. Thus, electrolysis system have been given a permit to be used for producing medical substances in Korea and Japan . Alkaline Reduced water can be produced by certain mineral combinations.

Those who lived their whole lives with difficulties from constipation were completely freed from the condition after drinking mineral alkaline reduced water. This was so with almost no exceptions. At first glance it seems like a contradiction to say alkaline reduced water is good for both constipation and chronic diarrhoea. Deeper consideration shows this means alkaline reduced water fulfils the crucial function of maintaining homeostasis within the body.’

According to Sang Whang in his book Reverse Aging when he is referring to hyperacidity, indigestion, gas and nausea ‘ All of these symptoms are again caused by too much acid. Suppression of acid by means of alkaline water will help to alleviate and prevent these acid- related intestinal and stomach disorders including ulcers.’

Good quality  alkaline ionised water has a key role in maintaining health in the gastro-intestinal tract. It provides excellent hydration which is critically important, provides antioxidants and minerals and helps to promote an environment that will hinder the proliferation of harmful microforms. It will naturally assist to balance the pH of the body so alleviating the underlying unpleasant and often painful symptoms of acidosis. Drinking good health promoting water seems to be too simple to be effective but Dr Batmanghelidj proved while imprisoned in Iran that it was immensely effective in treating fellow prisoners with gastric problems, when no other treatment was available. This started this amazing doctor on a journey to scientifically prove the immense therapeutic benefits of water. His many books set out the scientific basis why water works so effectively and gives numerous case studies.

The alkaline jug filter is an excellent filtration and ionizing system.  Drinking good health promoting water and alkalising provides a natural drug free approach to gastro intestinal health. Not only will it improve the health of the digestive system it will also benefit all the other systems in your body.

Why do we want to alkalise the body? Primarily to improve body oxygenation. When the blood pH is at its optimal level it will transfer much more oxygen and so you get more oxygen into the tissues. According to Dr Lam in his book- Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine –    which I often quote – he says ‘A blood pH of 7.45 contains 64.9% more oxygen than blood with a pH value of 7.30’, In essence a relatively small deviation in pH with a massive impact.

Properly Hydrate

Good Water to Reduce Acidity and Improve Oxygenation.

We need to focus on optimum body pH balance to improve better oxygenation. That is one reason why we need to hydrate the body properly with good water. It helps to flush out acidic toxins and helps the transport of nutrients. It is not just important it is vital. Another study showed that drinking alkaline antioxidant water improved the lifestyle of people undergoing radiotherapy. There are several reasons why this could have been the case, but I suspect better oxygenation was a very important part.

Better Blood – Better Oxygen Transfer – Better Health

We need to take plenty of greens, partially because of their high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll has a similar structure to blood and helps you to build healthy blood that will better transfer oxygen.

Adding alkalising minerals to the diet will help improve blood pH and oxygen transfer. Products such as Fulvic Restore have many functions but one is to improve the zeta potential of our red blood cells so that they do not clump together and hence are able to transfer more oxygen. Modern living puts a great strain on our body pH balance and on our oxygen levels. Good hydration and nutrition are very important to give optimum oxygen transfer. Better oxygenation will improve our immunity, increase our energy levels and slow down the aging process.

My personal recommendation is to drink plenty of alkaline antioxidant water from such as the Biocera Jug Filter,  take alkaline minerals to give your body alkaline reserves a boost and also add in Fulvic Restore. Individual products will bring benefit, combined you will get a greatly amplified effect. Of course also reduce foods from your diet that just deplete the body of oxygen – probably the most important to eliminate is sugar.

A positive attitude – What does it have to do with health?

An article recently published focused on the connection between a positive mental attitude and stress. ‘It’s no surprise that those who tend to see a rose’s blooms before its thorns are also better at handling stress. But science has failed to reliably associate optimism with individuals’ biological stress response — until now.’

This is of course no surprise. Positive emotions cause the production of biochemicals in the body which help to alkalise the body, whereas negative emotions have the opposite effect. Do you see a glass of water half full or half empty? Unfortunately many see it half empty and consequently live life from that vantage point – unaware that it not only reduces their quality of life but also the quality of their health. Our outlook is crucially important particularly if our health is being challenged.