If you want to overcome gout naturally it is essential that you alkalize.  It is the natural approach to reducing excess acidity in the body.

Gout is caused by excess accumulation of uric acid in the joints and tissues. Its causes are probably multi- factorial, but poor dietary choices and dehydration are significant contributing factors. Alkalising the body by proper dietary changes, good hydration and careful supplementation will help you to overcome gout naturally by dealing with the root causes.

 For you to overcome gout, it is essential to make dietary changes, alkalising the body and giving it proper hydration.

Dietary changes to eliminate the consumption of red meats, processed meats, organ meats, alcohol and all foods containing high levels of purines such as shellfish, eggs and most beans.  It is better also to reduce consumption of sugars and unrefined carbohydrates in addition to tea and coffee.

Recommendations to supply your body with hydration and nutrition to help you overcome gout naturally.
To aid alkalisation of the body, the neutralisation of excess uric acid and promote proper body acid alkaline balance there are several products that may be helpful.


  1. Drink plenty of alkaline ionized water. This water is very good at hydrating the body, it is alkaline helping to neutralise excess acidity and has antioxidant properties.  Proper hydration is essential for functioning of the kidneys, which often are under severe stress with gout. Our alkaline water jug can help you achieve the correct alkaline ionised water to help with your gout.
  2. Take  Green Vibrance powder. Green Vibrance powder is a blend of greens, with other antioxidants, probiotics and selected minerals. It is  alkalising, helps build healthy blood and oxygenate the body. It is particularly good to promote the health of the digestive system, which is essential if metabolism is to be improved. Improper metabolism is believed to be implicated in gout and several ingredients in Green Vibrance powder are there to improve the health of the liver. Green Vibrance powder is beneficial for all the body systems but in addition to the digestive system is helpful for the circulatory, skeletal and immune systems.
  3. Take Rainbow Vibrance powder. This combination of fruits and vegetables has a very high antioxidant value and contains many of the fruits such as cherries, blue berries and pomegranate which are known to be beneficial for gout.
  4. Take Alkamax.  Alkamax is a combination of alkaline minerals which helps to quickly improve body acid alkaline balance – essential if you are to overcome gout.


Taking one or other of the above may be helpful to all sufferers of gout. Taken together, particularly along with dietary changes will greatly assist restoration of the body to proper acid alkaline balance and help you naturally overcome gout. Not only will this assist you to overcome gout but will help to increase your immunity, energy levels, promote natural weight loss  and a general sense of wellbeing