Alkaline Water in the natural treatment of Asthma and Allergies

Increased tissue acidity and dehydration are regarded by several leading researchers as being key factors in asthma and allergies. By addressing the underlying root cause it is possible to significantly reduce or overcome asthma or allergies.

Promoting proper body hydration and acid alkaline balance is the foundation to good health. In particular drinking alkaline ionised water, because of its superior hydrating capability should be a foundation to your natural asthma and allergy treatment.

Although the causes behind both asthma and allergies are multi factorial several leading scientists have indicated that dehydration is a major contributing factor.

Dr F Batmanghelidj in his book ‘Your body’s many cries for water’ states ‘Asthma and allergies are indicators that the body has resorted to an increase in production of the neuro-transmitter histamine, the sensor regulator of water metabolism and its distribution in the body. It is recognised that asthmatics have an increase in histamine content of their lung tissue and that it is the histamine that regulates the bronchial muscle contraction. Since one of the sites for water loss through evaporation is in the lungs, bronchial constriction produced by histamine means less water evaporation during the act of breathing – a simple natural manoeuvre to preserve the body’s water.

Histamine is an agent that, apart from its water regulatory role, has responsibilities in antibacterial, antiviral and anti foreign (chemicals and proteins) defence systems in the body. At a normal level of water content of the body, these actions are at an imperceptive or unexaggerated level. At a dehydrated state of the body, to the point where histamine activity becomes exaggerated for water regulation, an immune system activation of histamine producing cells will release an exaggerated amount of the transmitter that is held in storage for other functions.’

There is also a body of scientific opinion that believes that allergies are triggered by toxins produced by microforms. Dr Robert Young in his Book pH Miracle states ‘The toxins produced by microforms within an overly acidic, oxygen-deprived body contribute significantly to what are commonly considered the symptoms of allergy. The mycotoxins severely stress the immune system, so it is constantly stimulated, overworked and on edge. He goes on to say that, if you had no symptom producing yeast and fungus, it would be impossible for you to have allergies- another reason to keep your body in acid/alkali balance.’

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Professor Felica Kliment in her book The Acid Alkaline balance diet states ‘Toxicity inside the body as well as in the environment can sensitise the lungs to allergens. Acidic toxic gases enter the blood stream from the colon and are carried by the blood to the liver and kidneys for detoxification, But when these two organs are already overburdened with the processing of toxins, they pass those toxins on to the lungs. The task of absorbing and exhaling them, along with its normal function of diffusing oxygen into the blood and removing carbon dioxide, can injure the lungs. Acidic waste gravitates to injured tissue. This inflames the tissue. All it takes then is exposure to allergens to cause the inflamed lung tissue to become spastic. This narrows the bronchial tubes and causes wheezing, an asthmatic condition.

That acidic waste (in the form of gas) is a factor in all asthmatic lung problems is confirmed by the discovery of Dr Benjamin Glaston, associate professor of pediatric pulmonary medicine at the University of Virginia. According to Dr Glaston, an asthmatics breath is 1,000 times more acidic than normal breath. Normal breath is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.4, but when asthmatics are sick and wheezing, their breath pH drops to 5 – into the acidic range of the pH scale. That asthma sufferers have acidic breath is not surprising, given that acidosis, a blood pH that is below the normal alkaline pH, has long been associated with asthma. It’s possible that just the presence of toxic gas in the lungs can bring an asthmatic attack’.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that hydration of the body with adequate supplies of good alkaline water will greatly assist in alleviating the symptoms of asthma and allergies in addition to maintaining proper body pH balance, by reducing the burden of acidic toxins on the body. It will also enhance immune function.

Broccoli Sprouts have been found to be helpful in research into asthma treatment, because of their very high suphorophane conent.

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