Alkaline Water in the Natural Treatment of Diabetes

The foundation to natural diabetes treatment is to maintain your body’s acid alkaline balance. Drinking alkaline ionised water combined with good alkalising nutrition is the single most important thing you can do to control diabetes naturally.

Many leading researchers have confirmed from their research and experience that adoption of an alkalised lifestyle can enable you to overcome Type 2 diabetes and allow you to avoid the horrible side effects and potential premature death.

Inadequate hydration and the disruption of the pH balance in the body are being linked as the major contributors to the rapid growth of diabetes. Alkaline ionized antioxidant water helps to address the underlying cause of degenerative diseases such as diabetes by neutralising free radicals and flushing acidic wastes from your body.

In the Far East they use Alkaline Ionised Water in clinics for natural diabetes treatment .

In a study carried out By MBC TV’s ‘ Truth about Water of Life’ programme in Korea a clinical experiment was carried out with diabetes patients at a hospital. This study is reported in Dr Won H Kim’s book Water of Life. In this clinical study the patients were divided into two groups. The first group received insulin shots as usual, and the other group was told to stop the treatment and only drink alkaline reduced water.

Dr Won H Kim reported “Before even one month passed, the water drinking group’s blood sugar level amazingly decreased in contrast to that of the insulin-injection group. The patients who were half-heartedly participating at first elatedly drank the water more faithfully, after personally experiencing improved complexion and health.

Daily changes in blood sugar were inconsistent in the case of the patient group getting insulin shots, but the alkaline reduced water drinking patients had stability. This extraordinary result signifies alkaline reduced water does not only show short-term effectiveness like insulin, but also can ultimately cure diabetes”.


Dr Robert Young biochemist and author of the pH Miracle for Diabetes book says “The first line of defence when it comes to maintaining the critical alkaline environment in your body is your pancreas. The pancreas is a large gland, about the size of your fist and weighing about 8 ounces, located toward the back of the abdominal cavity, behind and below the stomach. Isolated clusters of cells known as the islets of Langerhans are scattered throughout the pancreas, and they are capable of measuring blood sugar levels every ten seconds, within a 2 percent range of accuracy. The islets give the pancreas its most famous role in diabetes, that of regulating the level of sugar in the blood: They are home to the beta and alpha cells responsible for producing insulin and glucagon, respectively. Insulin helps transport sugar in the blood into our seventy-five trillion cells, for energy. Glucagon signals the liver and the muscles when to convert their stored glycogen back into glucose (a process called glycogenolysis), to raise blood sugar”.

The pH miracle for Diabetes

An Overview on reversing Type II Diabetes with Alkaline Diet

But the pancreas has another, equally important role in diabetes (or lack thereof) as well. Because your stomach is, by design, an acidic environment, partially digested food is generally acidic as it moves out of the stomach, even on the healthiest diet. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes into the small intestine to balance out the acidity and maintain an alkaline environment in the small intestine. In helping digest proteins, in particular, the pancreas is crucial to making sure the body has access to all the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) it needs to make insulin in the quantity – and of the quality – needed. Those amino acids are also necessary for making more digestive enzymes.

When our diet is continually full of acid-producing foods, it puts a lot of ongoing stress on the pancreas as it struggles to maintain the pH balance in the small intestine. The secretion of the alkalinising enzyme is often inhibited in an over-acidic body. As the pancreas itself becomes more acidic, it is less and less able to work to reduce acidity – or produce insulin. On all but a highly alkaline diet, any food and drink then simply creates more acidity, and without the pancreas kicking in its alkaline secretions, the organism (that’s you!) is doomed to cellular breakdown and death.

In her book The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet Professor Felicia Drury Wilment says ‘In diabetes, the body turns into a reservoir of acidic wastes. Blood and other fluids in the general circulation that are overburdened with acidic wastes disrupt the physiology most vital to life: the exchange of materials between the cells and the circulating blood. First, acidic waste-filled blood doesn’t have the room to transport sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the cells or to pick up the waste products of cellular breakdown. Second, the cells, injured by the acidic waste in the fluid surrounding them, harden and lose their permeability. This makes it difficult for them to absorb the few nutrients and molecules of oxygen that the blood is able to deliver. When the interchange between the blood and the cells stops altogether, the affected tissues die. The eyesight is often the first to go’

The ingestion of regular copious volumes of alkaline antioxidant water can contribute greatly to the restoration of good health. It is simple and need not be expensive. Water for Health supplies a range of alkaline water products to help to hydrate the body, restore the alkaline balance and neutralise free radicals.

Research has shown that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally by addressing the underlying causes, supporting the pancreas and restoring balance.

For maximum benefit you should move to an alkaline diet and take alkalising green superfoods to give your body the foundation for optimum health and ideal blood sugar levels. For information on Green Vibrance the balanced green food drink formulation, which alkalises the body and helps promote better sugar metabolism then click here. In addition to the powerful alkalising nutrients in Green Vibrance powder the formulation also includes two vital nutrients for diabetes sufferers Vitamin D and chromium.

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