ALKALINE WATER in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis – reduce acidity that causes bone loss – with alkaline water and alkalising supplements- the simple natural approach to stop bone loss.

Osteoporosis is an acid problem. Researchers have shown that the body, so as to maintain functioning of vital organs and blood acid alkaline balance, will withdraw alkalising minerals from the bones and muscles with resultant bone loss. Consequently the main approach to reducing bone loss is to alkalise the body to reduce excess acidity caused by diet, stress, environmental pollution etc. Drinking alkaline water, taking alkalising green superfoods and supplementing with alkalising products are all hugely beneficial to help stop bone loss. Not only will this help bone loss, it will also aid your body in the uptake of calcium from your diet and supplements.

Author Dr Susan Brown, an osteoporosis specialist, says in her book ‘The Alkaline Food Guide’ <span=”quote”>’ When factors such as the intake of acid-producing foods makes the body chemistry more acidic, the body- from the cells to the kidneys to the skin- works quickly to compensate for this metabolic acidosis. But while these efforts to balance pH are essential, they are not without their negative side effects. In essence, this pH balancing act leads to a depletion of alkali mineral reserves from the body, which in turn, has many health implications.’

A number of scientific studies have illuminated the biological costs of our forced adaptation to chronic acidosis. The problems caused by this condition include the following:

  • Loss of calcium in the urine, the dissolution of bone, and the development of osteoporosis.
  • Reduced bone formation.
  • Increased levels of blood parathyroid hormone, a hormone that can cause bones to become brittle and prone to fracture.
  • Protein catabolism (the breakdown of protein) resulting in muscle wasting and the worsening of age-related loss of muscle mass.

Philip Day, medical researcher and author in his book ‘The ABC’s of disease’ states: ‘ When we acidify our internal environment with certain types of food, the body is forced to neutralise or buffer this acid using a number of ingenious systems, mostly comprising alkalising minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. When the digestive system is hit with a storm of acid derived from excessive protein food metabolism, this acid is potentially lethal and our hard working bodies need to sort the problem in a hurry.

Firstly the brain mobilises mineral buffers to raise the acidic pH of our internal environment towards neutral in an effort to counteract the acid – the mineral buffers use alkalising minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and iron along with water to combine with the acid generated by these food ashes to raise their pH, before escorting them out of the body via the kidneys. Notice the body loses these alkalising minerals when they are eliminated along with the acid.

If we are eating mineral-deficient, processed foods and are not consuming plenty of fresh water, the body may run short of these alkalising minerals and so starts to strip them from our bones. The result of these withdrawals is ‘porous bone’ or osteoporosis’

Professor Felicia Drury Kliment in her book The Alkaline Balance Diet says: ‘The most effective way to slow down loss of bone mass is to reduce acidic waste in the body. To do this, avoid the formation of acidic waste by eliminating processed, nutrient deficient foods as well as foods that are not attuned to your particular metabolism. For those who can’t overcome the temptation to eat such foods, here is alkaline water or the far infrared energy sleeping pad, both of which dissolve and remove acidic wastes from bone joints and muscles more effectively than from any of the other organ systems’.

Vitamin D deficiency is much more common that was once thought and particularly so for those in northern latitudes who do not get sufficient sunshine. Adequate Vitamin D levels are essential to ensure proper calcium uptake and avoid bone loss. Low levels of vitamin D are also being found to be significant contributing factors to many other degenerative diseases.

There are lots that can be done to reduce the effects of excess tissue acidity on the body. Simple things like drinking alkaline ionised water, eating more green vegetables and careful use of alkalising supplements can all have a very beneficial effect. In the first instance you should check out the web page on body acid alkaline balance including how to check your own body pH. That will give you a good benchmark position to allow you to make the necessary changes that can help to promote balance in your body and begin strengthening your bones. Click here for the acid alkaline balance page.

Not only will drinking alkaline water and taking alkalising green super foods help reduce excess acidity in your body- the root cause of osteoporosis it will also help to improve your immunity and your general state of wellness. If you require any information as to which products might be best suited to your needs.

You may also be interested in Alka-Lize, a gentle food supplement to help restore tissue pH to a healthy level of 7.5.